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Califone® Model 610-44 Mono Classroom Headphones

Item #: 84702008
Economical mono classroom headphones with 1/8" plug More Info
Price: $21.30

Product Rating:
100 out of 100
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  • Best-built headphones for the classroom; designed for comfort with professional-grade sound quality
  • High-quality sound reproduction of voice and music
  • Easily cleaned with alcohol
  • Cords easily replaced when worn or damaged
  • Spring steel reinforced headband and ear cups; spring back to original shape no matter how they're bent or twisted
  • Baffled speaker grille prevents diaphragm damage
  • CE Listed
  • Dual headband designed for comfort, even on small children
  • Mono; 600 ohms; no volume control
  • 5' straight replaceable cord with 1/8" plug
  • 3-Year Warranty

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100 out of 100
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  1. Middle School Computer/Keyboarding Lab
    Reviewed on Friday, August 12, 2011
    100 out of 100
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      5 Star (Excellent!)
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      These headphones are bullet-proof and indestructible. I would not use any other. They are easy to clean, no soft foam or other material where lice and other critters could hide. No sound adjustment to be broken off or destroyed. When I bought my first set, the salesman told me they called this model "The Tank" and they certainly have lived up to that reputation. I think mine are over 6 years old with daily use by 7 classes. Bullet-proof!! MYeager Ocilla, Georgia


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