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Brown Dog Gadgets Crazy Circuits Makerspace Kit

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Brown Dog Gadgets Crazy Circuits Makerspace Kit

Item #: WP-3694
Ready-to-go Crazy Circuits help users make wearable technology More Info
Price: $1,705.00

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  • Has everything you need to get an entire classroom making with Crazy Circuits
  • Create projects both big and small with over 160 included parts
  • Use Touch and Robotics board to follow programming guides, or create your own code from scratch
  • Conductive thread helps students build wearable technology
  • Crazy Circuits parts are compatible with LEGO® and similar brick building systems
  • No soldering or preparation required
  • Includes the following:
    • Crazy Circuits Chips: five Touch Boards and USB Cables; three Robotics Boards and USB Cables; five Blink/Fade Boards; five Standard Pushbuttons; five Jumbo Pushbuttons; five Slide Switches; five Coin Cell Battery Holders; 20 Jumbo 10mm LEDs (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White); 20 Mini Surface Mount LEDs (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White); 15 Brick LEDs (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White); five Mini RGB LEDs; five Piezoelectric Speakers; 10 Screw Terminals
    • 10 Rolls of Conductive Nylon Tape - 1/8", 16'
    • Five Bobbins of Conductive Thread - 16'
    • 10 Alligator Clips
    • 50 CR2032 Batteries
    • Five 2 AAA Battery Holders
    • Three Standard Servo Motors
    • Six Continuous Rotation Servo Motors
    • 10 LEGO™ Compatible Servo Brackets
    • 10 LEGO™ Compatible Servo Horns
    • 10 LEGO™ Baseplates (8x16 studs)
    • Plastic Organizer

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