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Learning Resources Prepared Slides Set I (Set of 6, with 24 Specimens)

Item #: WP-3570
Includes sunflower pollen, shrimp egg, cotton fiber, leg of honey bee, bamboo shoot, camel hair, and more More Info
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  • Set I Includes:
    • Pollens & Spore - Lily pollen; sunflower pollen; bottle brush sport; fern spore
    • Tiny Creatures - Plant louse; fruit fly; shrimp egg; silk work larva (moth)
    • Textile Fibers - Hemp fiber; silk stuff; cotton fibre; Bemberg
    • Insects - Leg of butterfly; wing of butterfly; wing of locust; leg of honey bee
    • Plants - Pine wood; Camellia leaf section; bamboo shoot; sponge gourd
    • Animals – Goldfish scale; hare hair; camel hair; feather fowl point
  • Grades 3+
  • Ages 8+

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