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Chicago One Stop CD Vinyl Browser™ Pouch with Flap & Paper Sleeve

Item #: WP-494
CD Browser™ Pouch with flap and paper sleeve More Info
Price: $2.09 - $2.20

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  • CD vinyl Browser™ pouch with flap
  • Includes paper sleeve that holds one disc
  • Creates more interest, increases circulation, and deters theft
  • Allows patrons to easily remove and examine information-filled booklets or graphics
  • Five Browser™ Paks can be stored in the same space as one jewel box
  • Simply fold original paper packaging flat and insert into Browser™ Pak
  • Displays 400 CDs in just two square feet
  • Eliminates the need to purchase new display fixtures
  • Overall dimensions are 5 1/4"H X 5 1/4"W

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