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Brodart Secure-Fold Book Jacket Covers

Item #: 10517009
Acid-free adjustable polyester covers with continuous adhesive strip More Info
Price: $60.56 - $94.48

Product Rating:
20 out of 100
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  • Polyester is a chemically inert, durable material that is archival-safe and will not stretch
  • Lo-Luster - Covers have a hazy finish to hide imperfections, flaws, and fingerprints, and also reduce glare
  • Adjustable polyester covers in rolls only
  • Acid-free polyester; will not yellow or crack with age
  • Convenient continuous adhesive anchoring strip
  • 1.5-mil lo-luster 300' rolls are packaged in our guaranteed SafePack box


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20 out of 100
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  1. Adhesive Strip Problems
    Reviewed on Tuesday, April 21, 2020
    20 out of 100
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      Instead of staying on top of the adhesive strip, the protective material slides off, causing huge wastes of time and product. This problem occurs even when one is feeding the book jacket cover from the spool, often going several layers into the material on the spool. Though the adhesive is unable to hold the material Brodart places over it, it holds fiercely to the clear polyester, causing creases when one attempts to separate sheets, as well as requiring chemical cleaning to remove the glue residue. Users will do far better with any of Brodart's other book jacket covers.


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