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How to become an International reseller?

Brodart is continuously looking to set up new resellers across the world! We welcome any enquiry and will give special attention to each request received.

It is our goal to make our products available to anyone at the best possible price and with the most convenient ordering process. If you feel that Brodart products would represent a beneficial addition to your existing selection or if you are thinking of diversifying your product selection to offer more to your customers, please read below to make sure you fit the requirements and we will send you a questionnaire to fully consider your application.

  • Your customer base must be composed of at least one of the following: Libraries, Booksellers/Book collectors, museums, archives or any customer potentially interested in buying book or library related supplies.

  • You must be prepared to provide an action plan to develop your local market for the next 12 months (template will be provided). This will ensure that sales are developed according to your plans and will help follow-up on sales evolution, forecasts and marketing actions.

  • Having a website is strongly recommended to be able to display and sell the products online. You will be provided with guidelines to promote and sale Brodart products on your website as well as a list of guides and educational material that we recommend for you to use.

We assign an account number to each international customer (individuals, institutions, resellers etc.). If you are ordering from Brodart for the first time, we will create a specific account number for your organization.

An account will be created only once the following steps have been completed:

  • Firm order has been received
  • Shipping option has been confirmed
  • Payment information has been received

International Contact Information:
Phone: 1-570-326-2461 x4100
Mon-Fri, 8am-5:00pm EST
Fax: 800-283-6087, 24-Hour

Email us at: