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Troubleshooting a Scanner


If your bar code scanner is not working properly, here are some tips to help avoid tech support and get you "up and running" more quickly.

  • If possible, unhook the scanner and try it on another computer. If the problem occurs on one computer and not another, the problem may lie with the computer.
  • Try reading another bar code. The problem could be a scratched, dirty, degraded or poor quality bar code bar.
  • If the tape or label protector is thicker than 3 mils, it may be interfering with the reading.
  • Try shutting down your applications, turn off the power to your computer, reboot and try again.
  • If the bar code reader isn’t outputting to the computer, make sure the power light is on and that cables are connected tightly. Test cable connections by pushing firmly; never push and turn as the pins may be bent or broken.
  • If you're using a scanning wand that isn't reading consistently, the tip may be dirty. If the tip is replaceable, unscrew it and clean the tip gently, then wipe with a clean, dry cloth before replacing the cap. Also, be sure you are scanning smoothly and steadily. Place the tip of the wand in the white area preceding the bar code and scan as if striking a match – smoothly and quickly to the white area after the bar code. Scanning too slowly can hinder the scanner’s ability to decode the bar code.